Artist Statement

Whether I am drawing or painting, organic lines, shapes and forms are what I enjoy exploring most.

Inspired by one of my favorite activities, hiking through nature, my most recent works represent my feelings and most vivid and magical memories from those experiences.  As I hike, I observe my surroundings both with my own eyes and with a camera. As I observe I contemplate, run ideas through my head and through the camera’s lens.

It is the physical act of drawing and painting that I enjoy the most. The pencil gliding over the paper and the paint flowing or being scrubbed onto a surface. While painting, a story is created in my head. This story often changes as the painting or drawing progresses, allowing me to become immersed in the experience as the painting or drawing guides the final details of development.

I create to convey my love of life and the nature of people and things. In the end, I hope to create a work that will bring the viewer to a place they want to be.

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