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Artist Statement

In my latest series of contemporary and sometimes abstract landscapes, my focus is on contemplating and celebrating our environment, the future, the calm after the storm. I try to continue to look toward the positive in my life and our world with the dramatic changes we are seeing in our weather and environmental conditions. My drawings and paintings relate to changes that happen in life, as much as the changes in our environment. Similar to the human condition and life as it is, our environmental conditions are changing and it can sometimes be overwhelming and even devastating.

Some of my most recent paintings are about finding the peace and the beauty in daily life and celebrating it. I have only recently begun to combine paintings in a sort of collage. My collages are not what one traditionally thinks of when they think of the art of collage. They do, however, combine paintings on paper to create a unique blend of ideas as I see them.

Each piece uses a combination of watercolor and ink, perhaps colored pencil, pastels or a blending of acrylic paints or all of the aforementioned. While I love the detail I can get with pencils and pastels, both the quick marks of the brush loaded with acrylic paint and the free flow of inks and watercolor on paper allow me to express myself in color and light, enabling me to visually voice my passion for freedom, for life and for our precious world.

I create to convey my love of life and the nature of people and things. In the end, I hope to create a work that will bring the viewer to a place they want to be.

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